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Superior Soda is 100% organic food grade, non-GMO, gluten-free, aluminium-free, cruelty-free and we are also certified kosher and halal.

Water Splash
Superior Soda Products
Superior Soda - 450g

Non GMO - 100% Food Grade

Superior Soda - 450g

Naturally-Sourced Sodium Bicarbonate

Superior Soda is an all-natural Sodium Bicarbonate. It’s produced from nature itself and NOT chemically produced. There is absolutely no chemical conversion. Every plant, animal, the ocean and almost every organ in the human body produces bicarb for many reasons. Being from nature itself, you are assured of its purity, quality and strength.


Bath Soda - 900g

Non GMO - 100% Food Grade

Bath Soda - 900g

Naturally-Sourced Sodium Bicarbonate

Bath Soda offers a perfect way to relax your tired body after a hard day's work. It's a completely natural Sodium Bicarbonate sourced from nature itself, entirely free from chemical processing. No chemical conversions are involved. Bicarbonate is produced by many organisms, including plants, animals, the ocean, and almost every organ in the human body. Since Bath Soda is derived from nature, you can trust its purity, quality, and strength.


 pH & Alkaline Strips

It Tests So Good

pH & Alkaline Strips

pHabulous Strips: Liquid Insight

Use our pH and Alkalinity Strips to measure liquids, drinks, foods and just about anything you like. The top yellow tab measures pH by measuring the transfer of Hydrogen Ions (pH) and the bottom yellow tab measures Alkalinity in Parts Per Million (ppm). Remember a solution with a high pH does not necessarily mean it’s alkaline or has the ability to neutralise an acid. Only a solution with Alkalinity can neutralise an acid.


Superior Soda - 450g

Naturally Organic - 100% Food Grade

Superior Soda Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical Grade - Sodium Bicarb

The objective here is to provide comprehensive Quality Assurance Information regarding Superior Soda. It is crucial to note that various grades of Sodium Bicarbonate exist and each grade has its own distinct production method.
The grades include industrial, technical, feed, food, and pharmaceutical grade, among others. The quality, purity, and strength vary greatly among the grades, along with several other attributes.


Dean Kesarlal

A True Passion For Helping

Who is Dean Kesarlal

An Idea Was Born 30 Years Ago


Dean Kesarlal is a family man who found his bicarb calling over 30 years ago. Helping people and educating them about alkalinity has been his passion and to date has multiple successful bicarb-based businesses. “TRUE” alkalinity is very much misunderstood and it’s his mission to educate and help as many people as possible.


Dean started his soda blasting company over 30 years ago where he manufactures and designs Soda Blasting machines to remove multiple contaminants from almost any surface without damage. When one of his agents became critically ill, it led Dean down a path of research and experience about bicarb that he felt compelled to share.


Dean conducted extensive research and discovered that almost every animal, plant, the ocean and almost every part of the human body produces bicarb. Sodium Bicarbonate is truly an amazing substance that comes from the earth itself. Dean has spent over 30 years dealing with Sodium Bicarbonate.

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